Calgary - Lost Spaces: A Late Competition Entry

Dual Ecologies' late entry response to a call for proposals on multiple site fragments throughout the greater Calgary Metropolitan area, reprograms leftover/In-between spaces for a tectonic that ripples the ground in response to the needs of earth moving equipment and creates a means by which to mitigate seasonal flooding. An enlarged and specially formed mega turf block kit of parts solidifies the rippled ground and serves as an initial move toward future community park space and park infrastructure. The tectonic adapts to various site configurations and difference is created by the mechanics of excavation - each site remains unique yet the tectonic unites the leftover spaces as an easily recognizable network.




         Site A - Suburban Easement/Right of Way













Trench/Pile Intensity Patterns




Mega Turf Block Kit of Parts Precast Concrete X and Shell







Concrete Turf Block Precedent








Site A - Perspective








Trench/Pile Excavation Ground Patterns


Site C: Large Traffic Island, Site B: Small Traffic Island, Site A: Suburban Easement








Mega Turf Block Shells and Ripple Combine






Trench/Pile Excavation


                                                                                           Site B: Small Traffic Island Ripple Pattern











Mega Turf Block Ripple Combines










                                                                                             Site C: Large Traffic Island Ripple Pattern