In the Midwest there are three tiers of Mid-Century Modern homes that span the range from those designed by legendary architects, local architects and by contractor/builders. Most of these homes have been neglected at some point over their 50 plus year history, but those of the third tier (the contractor/builder tier) are often the most neglected due to real estate value as derived by location and the fetish commodity of owning a home by a renowned architect.

7930 is a member of the third tier - it is a contractor/builder designed home that was undervalued and yet it was structurally intact and mechanically updated. Dual reclaimed this home through an attention to pattern, layers and detail. No walls were moved and no windows were added. A seven color paint scheme was replaced by the purity of a black and white scheme that made use of the already ample natural light in the original design.








7930 Site Plan,  7930 Garage Wall System Detail