Brug Polder


The Netherlands have a long tradition of land building - a large portion of Holland is (new) land - Amsterdam itself is a blur of artificial and real land/water that has been re/placed at will. Brug Polder is an idea for a new type of bridge that furthers the invention of new land(s).

Brug Polder is an inaugural set of three polders that float by way of a lightweight space frame in conjunction with helium inflatables. In the future, additional polders will provide many bridges across the Amstel while cultivating urban agriculture through draped hydroponic pads that from the crux of the this new Dutch "landscape".

Each polder is fitted with a small percentage of program outside of agriculture, in this case a mixture of cafe, office and specialty shops (bike repair - the Dutch have more bikes per capita than anyone) that provide a mix of occupants both tourist and local. As needed the polders levitate by way of the helium inflatables to allow uninterrupted boat traffic which can also facilitate a dramatic shift in secondary program for each polder set, i.e. theater, park or island.