90 Lines - Kansas River Hinterland

90 Lines explores the liminal space created by a line in the landscape, beginning to probe the realities of the “straight” line or in this case a sidewalk on the edge of town. Hedge rows and water sheds resist the abstract purity of the previous Mercator Grid overlay - carving out space between the edge of private farms and a naturalized storm sewer/ditch, this sidewalk is a negotiation between the largely invisible layers of a process-driven landscape. Fences follow the property lines but are driven and laid out by the limits of the posts and wire that construct them, their rough and furry edges created by the arc of the plow unable to precisely reach 90 degree corners. On the opposite side a stream is fed by storm drains, its edges carving away the sandy tree lined banks. The space of this site is defined on the one hand by the mown grass between these boundaries, and by the artificial meander of the sidewalk that wanders through this space. The tooled control joints in the concrete reflect not only the process of construction but frame the way one perceives this liminal space and its often foreshortened depth of field, delaminating the layers of cultivation.

90 Lines examines the subtleties that lie in-between the natural/topographic figuration, and the harder more orthogonal property lines and crop rows that are the result of farm equipment movements/sequences,  by way of the sidewalk and its concrete control joint patterns. These patterns evidence tempo as well as spatial expansion and constriction as they fan in and out toward the hidden vertices that create them.





Sidewalk: Line 1, Line 15, Line 23, Line 39, Line 56, Line 64, Line 76, Line 84, Line 90













Line Fence/Field Interface


Fence Translation / Boundary Counterpoint








Line Creek/Ditch Interface







Concrete Control Joint Profiles for Line 24, Line 39, Line 41, Line 56, Line 63, Line 76, and Line 80





    Stream/Ditch, Path/Control Joint Projections, Fence Line








Path, Stream/Ditch, Fence Line, Stream/Ditch Path Fence, Crop Pattern Composite


  Projection 1, Projection 2, Projection 3, Projection 4, Projection 5, Projection 6, Projections, Composite









                                            Projection 6                                                                                                                                 Projection 4