Welcome to Albuquerque


Using the real estate photo as a point of departure, the hidden-in-plain-sight transformation of suburban tract homes ("Casa Adobe" models) over their 50-plus year life is decoded as layers by way of serial photography in combination with digital and physical layering. The spatial result is effectually the death of photography by way of its own rules as a surface encoded with light. The original captured moment is displaced into real time as space.

"Welcome to Albuquerque" won a place in the 2012 WUHO gallery in Los Angeles in response to a competition call from Woodbury University entitled: "Unprivileged Views". The competition brief focused attention on sides/attributes of cities that were routinely left unseen and all submissions were design such that they could be assembled in LA from prefabricated components by the WUHO Gallery. "Welcome to Albuquerque" has also been cited in Domus online http://www.domusweb.it/en/architecture/2012/03/16/un-privileged-views.htm, AIA Forward Journal 212: Identity http://www.aia.org/aiaucmp/groups/ek_members/documents/pdf/aiab096950.pdf and LAForum http://laforum.org/content/news/un-privileged-views-opening-this-saturday-march-3rd

Competition Jury: Eric Olsen (Chair) - Woodbury University, Danielle Etzler - Harvard University, Reto Geiser - Rice University, Keith Krumwiede - Yale University, Mireille  Roddier - University of Michigan, Paulette Singley - Woodbury University, Mark Wasiuta - Columbia University, and Keith Mitnick (Co-Chair) - University of Michigan







The Real Estate Snapshot / Serial Photography






Primary Layer - The Snapshot Decoded as a Graphic

Decade Coding Layers - The Snapshot Decoded as Space